Understanding NFL Sports Betting

NFL sports betting is one of the most popular bets that takes place in the world of sports. The short season of football makes it exciting to place a variety of bets for bettors of all experience levels. There are two basic forms of betting anyone needs to understand to enter the world of sports betting and hopefully make some money on a few football games.

Point Spread

The point spread is the way bookies even the playing field for bettors. There is a favorite and an underdog team from which to choose. The favorite team has points taken away and is signified with a negative number in the odds. This is meant to even the playing field should the favorite team perform as well as anticipated. The underdog is given a handicap and is signified by a positive sign, giving them a little help in case they are weaker than the favorite team. In both cases, the win or loss needs to be greater than the number the team is assigned. If the favorite is given odds of – 6.5, they must win by at least seven points. If the underdog is given odds of +6.5, they must win by seven or more points to win the bet.


The moneyline in NFL sports betting works a little different than the point spread. There are no points given or taken away there are simply odds that determine the amount of money you would win if your wager is correct. The same scenario applies as in the point spread; the favorite team is denoted with a negative number and the underdog with a positive. The difference here is the numbers are typically over 100. If you plan on betting the favorite, you will have to pay the number with which they are signified, such as -150, you would pay $150 to win $100. If you bet the underdog, you bet $100 and win whatever number they are signified by, such as -150.

When you understand these two basic wagers in NFL sports betting, you will be able to make wagers on the various games through the 17 week season. Even those who have never placed a bet can easily pick up on the point spread or moneyline. With a little experience and research, the bets become easy enough to make watching football even more fun and rewarding.

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