Blankets Galore: Warm, Fuzzy, Big and Small – Everything You Need for Your Bundle of Joy

Baby blankets are objects that your little bundle will cherish for the rest of their life. When they sleep, when they cry and even when they take their first steps towards your arms, that blanket will be their guide, friend and shoulder to lean on as your baby grows up. It’s important for you as a parent to consider all the options that exist out there for the right baby blanket. You need to keep in mind that the blanket has to provide comfort for your baby, it has to keep them warm and snuggled when they’re not in your arms, and above all, it has to be made from good quality material so as to not irritate their skin.

Tips on Blankies

Your priority has been and always will be the safety and comfort of your baby. It’s instinctive as a parent to worry about those. Which is why when you’re browsing the aisles for the right blanket, it’s important to feel the cloth and the quality of each blanket you come across. Make sure it’s as soft as cotton so it doesn’t irritate their delicate baby skin and keep a lookout for the material that a blanket is made of on the attached tag. Stay away from rough, glossy or slippery surfaces—if they feel that way on your skin, imagine how coarse they would feel on your baby’s skin.

The next thing to consider is the size of the blanket. Don’t look for something that’s small enough just to snuggle your baby in. Babies grow and that blanket has to stay by their side for a few more years to come. Look for blankets that can cover you from the waist down. That’s enough length in a blanket to keep your baby snuggled all around. This way, your baby has enough room to move around when it’s covered without the risk of pushing the blanket off itself.

Another tip to keep in mind is the color and style of the blanket. You can either choose to buy a blanket according to the gender of the baby—blue for boys, pink for girls—or you can buy a gender neutral blanket with different colors and shapes. Anything is in style in our times, even the traditional blue and pink color distinctions. There are even blankets with images and cartoons sewn on them which can provide your baby with a companion to talk to and play with whenever they have their blanket in their reach.

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