Physical Therapy Chicago for Knee Pain

Physical therapy for knees is the highest reported reason why people need physical therapy. Physical therapy Chicago is one of the best cities for joint pain and injury therapy. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Survey states 30% of the adults surveyed had experienced some type of knee pain in the past thirty days. This number supports information that 19 million doctor visits are due to knee pain alone.

Because the knees are the largest joints in the body they are at the highest risk for injuries such as sports injuries or common wear and tear injuries from age, weight, or disease. Physical therapy for knees is designed to help recover from these injuries, manage pain from chronic disease, strengthen the knees and increase mobility.

Knee injuries include ligament tears or sprains, breaks or fractures of the bones, torn cartilage, and fluid gathering around the knee. Diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis can also affect the knees. A therapist will be able to create a targeted plan based on the specific type of knee pain you suffer from. This unique plan will include pain management of recurring pain or chronic conditions.

Physical therapy Chicago and other major cities offering the best therapy is indispensable to recovery, rehabilitation, prevention and pain management of knee injuries and conditions that cause pain and loss of mobility. In some cases therapy will prevent having to get knee surgery. If knee surgery is inevitable then physical therapy is a critical part of the pre-surgery and post-surgery healing process. Your physical therapist will work with you by designing a specific plan based around your unique needs in order for the most dramatic results.

If you find yourself in the position of having to seek recovery or rehabilitation for knee pain due to an injury or other condition, you will find that there are many different types of physical therapy Chicago and worldwide therapists have to offer. Therapists work in partnership with you to assure your recovery goals are met by developing strength training and exercise plans. Other treatment options may also include electrical stimulation or hot and cold therapy.

While you are receiving physical therapy Chicago or a convenient location for you for knee pain, you will also learn about additional complementary treatments that will help you with pain management and taking the best care of your knees. These complementary treatments might include acupuncture or help with relaxation such as deep breathing exercises. Be prepared for physical therapy by wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a notebook with you to take notes and remind yourself of any questions you may have.

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