FYI on Sport Betting Lines

Sport betting is the process of the prediction of sports results from a football game, a baseball game or most other types of sports. The second part of the sport betting lines is also placing a wager on whatever the outcome will be. Placing a simple wager with a friend on a favorite football team is one way to do it, but all other types of betting commonly occur through a bookmaker or Internet outlets.

Moneylines vs. Point Spread

More popular in the betting arena is point spread. However, sport betting lines are another method of betting. This type of betting may carry more risk but offers greater potential for winning more money. A sport betting line may appear in the following manner. The New York Yankees are the favored team so a +140 is placed by their name. The Chicago Cubs are the underdog at -110. If a bettor bets on the Chicago Cubs, he must pay $100 to win $110. Just the same, if the bettor wants to bet on the New York Yankees, he has to risk $140 to win $100.

Sportsman #1 -700 Sportsman #2 +550

Sportsman #1 is the underdog. The reason the money line is higher is to assure the bookie makes money, no matter who wins. Normally, the bookie only makes money when the underdog wins, but with this point spread, the bookie is hoping he will have an equal amount of money wagered on each sportsman. That would, in turn, guarantee a profit.

Point spread and moneyline are both active methods of betting. A bettor can bet on one or both in football and basketball. These two sports often have both point spreads and moneylines.

Defining the Line

A betting line can be found on any type of race in a variety of sports arenas. There will be different wager options within each betting line. The bookie has the advantage to post odds on which team he thinks will win the game. Normally, an individual can get the betting lines on a variety of web pages and wherever a sport is being played. These websites keep all the betting lines for various sports up to date for the betting enthusiasts.

Sport betting lines are used in the major sports but not in NASCAR or tennis. There is no point spread because there is no way to gauge the money earned.

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