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How Prayer Changes You Not God’s Influence

The biggest mistake Christians make is to misunderstand the purpose of prayer. Many of us are down on our knees praying with fervor and even reverence but we are praying for the wrong things. Prayer is not intended to try to influence God to forgive you or help you or change the world. Instead prayer is intended to influence you to forgive yourself, help yourself and help you change the world. Prayer strengthens your faith and confirms your love for God. You are not meant to pray and ask for gifts from God in order to confirm his existence.

Strength through Prayer

When you pray with great faith you will feel an overwhelming feeling of well being. This is God’s love shining down on you. Prayer focuses on self improvement and your love and faith in God, not on using God’s love to help you to get ahead. When you have faith you will learn that God intends only good things for you and find it less and less necessary to ask God for things for yourself and easier to send only love back up to God. It is God’s love that will bring good things into your life and faith in God means you never have to ask for his gifts.

Request Personal Prophecy

Personal prophecy can help you better understand how God helps you. God has a path he wishes each one of us to follow, and each of those paths is very different. Although all paths will eventually lead to God the road we travel in our lives must be different in order for God’s work to be effective on earth. Each of us has different strengths and talents and God wishes us to use them to spread his word. You do not have to stand on a soap box to spread his word but instead to live the same loving life that Jesus did full of kindness and faith in God’s love. When you welcome God into your heart you will want to share your gift and it will come naturally to you the stronger your love grows. When you request a personal prophecy you are asking for more input from God into your life instead of offering him input on how you think he should behave through your prayers.

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