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Does Grief bring you Closer to God?

It is an odd idea that grief brings you closer to God. However when you consider when people pray the most and turn to God most often is in times of sorrow and distress. There is a secret that only those with truth faith share and that is this: If you turn to God today, the grief and sorrow in your life will always be lessened.

God has Patience

God will never give up on you, but many people give up on God. If you are waiting for God to give you something you are missing out on his greatest gift: God’s love. When you have God’s love it becomes easier to face each day and embrace the joy of life. All you have to do is accept God’s love by showing your faith in him. You must learn to believe in your heart without doubt that God is there, loves you and will provide for you. God’s patience will never run out because he truly wants you to feel his love.

Helping Yourself

It is important to remember as a Christian that God helps those who help themselves. God is not a crutch for Christians. God wants you to live a productive life helping others and yourself. At Zoe International Ministries they happily provide guidance to people who do not understand what God wants them to do. God has a special job for each and every one of us, just as Jesus came down to earth to save each and everyone of us. We must not lose sight of the fact that we are the tools God placed on earth to do his work. Everyday we can show our love for God and appreciation for the gift of his son Jesus’ sacrifice by trying our hardest to do well in life.

So do we become closer to God in grief? We do if we were not close to him already. If you forge a relationship with God you will not need to ask for help in difficult times as you will know the help is there. That is the gift of faith. The Zoe International Ministries can help you come closer to God now so you always have the comfort of knowing his love.

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