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How Color Swatch Makers Make Such Perfect Swatch Books for Furniture Stores

If you have ever sat in a furniture store and flipped through swatch books for upholstery, you may have wondered how these books manage to cut perfect little swatches of fabric in such an aesthetically pleasing way. If you actually own a furniture store, you do know that there are color swatch makers, but you may still not know how they make these swatch books for your store. Here’s how the process goes once a color swatch maker acquires pieces of fabric from a furniture store.

Die Cut Cutting of Fabric or Textiles

Every swatch seems to be cut in perfect squares, triangles, or with pinking edges. The swatches with pinking edges seem to be the most visually fascinating, especially since several swatches in different colors all have zigzag, arched, or other decorative edges. If you were going to cut these swatches yourself, you would probably use a pinking shears, a type of scissors that has extra special cutting edges that create designs in the edges of fabric. In a factory where these swatch books are made, it isn’t a pinking shears that does the work. It’s a die-cutter machine that makes consistent cuts through millions of pieces of cloth or textiles in the course of a year. Die cutting is sharp, perfect, and precise.

Pieces of Cut Swatch Are Sorted, Layered, and Glued in a Particular Pattern

Every cut swatch of every color is sorted out, layered on a card in a chosen display pattern and then glued down or stitched into a book form. It depends on the order requirements requested by the owners of furniture companies and furniture stores.