The Advantages of Choosing a Single Action Hydraulic Cylinder Mar17


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The Advantages of Choosing a Single Action Hydraulic Cylinder

Many people use hydraulic cylinders, but they may not know what the difference is between a single-acting and a double-acting cylinder. Basically, the double-acting has an up/down motion that is powered while the single-acting is powered on the up motion while gravity is used for the down motion. Which one is better, you may ask? That depends on your personal preferences and the purpose that you’ll be using it for but it is a definite fact that a single-acting cylinder is a popular option. Here are a few of the reasons why this is so.

Easy Installation

Unlike its counterpart, single cylinders are exceptionally easy to install. They require no special knowledge and only the simplest of tools. They are of very simple design, which is of great benefit if you are a layman installing it yourself.


The upfront cost of a single cylinder is very economical. This is especially true when compared to the cost of a double cylinder. The price difference makes the single-cylinder a far more attractive option than the double cylinder.

Reduced Footprint

The footprint of a single-acting cylinder is far smaller than that of a double cylinder, meaning it takes up less space. This is best if you are limited in the space you have to install it. You can install the single-cylinder in tight places with no problem whatsoever.

If you are in need of a single-acting cylinder, then you need to contact a reputable company such as Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc.