What’s Special about Caribbean Weddings?

Many people are choosing destination weddings over the more traditional and expensive close to home weddings. There are several packages to choose from when deciding on Caribbean weddings, but it’s important to find the right one for your special day.

What Are the Positives about Caribbean Weddings?

There are many reasons to choose a Caribbean wedding. Many choose it because it’s less expensive than a traditional wedding. Others like the idea of having a wedding and having their honeymoon all in one spot.

For those who love warm, tropical weather this is an additional bonus when looking at Caribbean weddings. There are over 30 different countries in the Caribbean so finding one that suits your personal preference is achievable. You can choose from several different environments, terrains and cultures when selecting your destination.

What Are the Negatives about Caribbean Weddings?

Many find that the downside of having a destination wedding is not being able to have as many guests and those that do come usual paid their own way. This isn’t the case for every destination wedding and many couples would rather have a smaller audience.

During certain times of year hurricanes do cause some problems for the Caribbean island. There is no way of predicting the particular week a hurricane will touch down so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning Caribbean weddings. It’s also a good idea to purchase travel insurance in case your vacation gets postponed due to inclement weather.

What are Some Popular Destinations for Caribbean Weddings?

Caribbean weddings are very popular, but again there are many countries to enjoy in the Caribbean. Some of the favorite islands in the Caribbean are Jamaica, St. Maarten and Antigua. Antigua is made up of 365 beaches and marked by natural harbors, coves and gorgeous inlets. It’s located closer to the center of the Caribbean and is a popular destination for couples.

St. Maarten is another beautiful Caribbean island and is well known for its water sports, golf courses and of course shopping. The island is divided between side by side sovereign nations with one side being Dutch and the other being French. Legal marriages are conducted on the Dutch side and can be conducted on the French side if the couple has been residing on the island for at least one month.

Jamaica is another popular destination for Caribbean weddings. The landscape of Jamaica is what makes it so special with colorful flowers, eye dropping waterfalls, breathtaking mountains and temperate climates.

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