Tips on Planning Caribbean Weddings

A wedding is a long-awaited event in most peoples’ lives. We all search for that special somebody with whom we want to share our lives. Once you have found your soul mate you would wish to celebrate the union in a memorable and joyful way. When you want to make your wedding vows an unforgettable experience for all, you and your beloved can think of having an exotic locale as the backdrop to your ceremony. Caribbean weddings are both affordable and out of the ordinary. There are so many unique themes to choose from when you plan a ceremony in one of the Caribbean islands – a great place to start your married life.

The Caribbean is an ideal destination for a romantic ceremony. As wedding infrastructure is pretty well developed, there’s no need to worry about arrangements. Customized packages can be arranged with your wedding planner. Caribbean weddings can be extended to include a luxury honeymoon on the islands guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

The wedding planner will help arrange everything from catering to flowers and accommodation. The islands provide a most enthralling venue to charm your guests. The tropical islands have a host of excellent destinations at which to perform the ceremonies. Beaches make for a casual but dreamy backdrop for your ceremony conducted on the warm sands under canopies of flowers or palm fronds. Surprise your family and friends by arranging a beach ceremony or pronounce your vows in a catamaran. Tropical forests, waterfalls, passenger cruise liners can be the venue for your perfect ceremony. If you prefer a church wedding, your coordinator can plan a more traditional wedding for you too.

The Caribbean has a multicultural heritage where the native folks are very welcoming and hospitable. You will instantly fall in love with the laidback lifestyle that local islanders enjoy. Home to reggae music and calypso bands, you can plan a ceremony to celebrate the local culture. Gourmet cuisine, local bands and wild natural flowers can provide the theme to your nuptials, giving it a local flavor that will appeal to all.

These wedding ceremonies can be planned at reasonable rates. Check online resources for the many wedding packages available that would be ideal for you. Incorporate a tour of the islands for your wedding party. You can plan tours to islands like St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Barbados, Saint Lucia and St Maarten. With specially planned Caribbean weddings, you can have the time of your life and make lovely memories for days to come.

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