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Small Luxury Boutique Hotels

Large hotels have a tendency to be boring and impersonal. With small luxury boutique hotels you can get a level of service and a feeling of welcome that you don’t get in large hotels. Small hotels can sometimes be lacking in the amenities they have to offer, but true boutique hotels really shine in this area. They offer the best of both worlds. More personal service, and true luxury amenities. If you are growing tired of staying in large, crowded luxury hotels, then you might consider looking into.

Private Golf Courses

Mukul, in Nicaragua, has only 37 villas. Royal Isabella, in Puerto Rico, has only 20 luxury casitas. Each of these luxury boutique hotels has its own private world-class golf course. As a guest, you will never need a tee time. You will be able to enjoy the private course any time you like.

Exceptional Service

At Jade Mountain, in St. Lucia, every guest receives a cellphone with only one button on it, a direct line to the butler. At Twin Farms, in Vermont, they have a private ski area. Not only that, but they zip every skier up to the top of the slope on a custom sled behind a snowmobile. At The Mansion, in Las Vegas, they have complimentary chauffeur service for all guests, in their fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Country Luxury

At Blantyre in Massachusetts, they take the concept of a country inn to a whole new level of luxury. The hotel is located on 117 acres in the heart of the Berkshire mountains. They are winners of the Wine Spectator Grand Award. They feature an elaborate network of trails for hiking or cross-country skiing. They also offer guest privileges at the Cranwell Golf Club.

Ultra Luxury

Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania was recently named the best boutique hotel in the world. The hotel has only 20 luxury suites, and overlooks the Hazard Mountains on Freycinet Peninsula, and the ocean. They keep a million dollar yacht to take guests out in. They like to call their service “ultra luxury.”

All Inclusive

Many luxury boutique hotels offer all inclusive packages. However, with four figure nightly rates, this does not mean the same thing that most people think of when they hear the phrase “all inclusive.” They only serve the finest wines and liquors. They offer the finest gourmet meals.

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