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Do You Run A Hotel With A Difference?

Travellers of all persuasions often stay in hotels, maybe they are on business and simply need a hotel close by to whomever they are visiting; others may be on vacation and simply want a hotel in a specific location and there are groups travelling for a function that could be family orientated (weddings, etc) or it could be some sort of conference or trade gathering. In most of these cases, it is the destination that matters to the traveller rather than the actual hotel that they get to stay in when they arrive there. They may have made some rudimentary checks to compare prices and quality but, basically, they are likely to accept whatever they get.


However, there are travellers who exercise more discernment over both their destinations and the hotel that they stay in once they get there. This type of traveller wants to experience the unusual, to get off the beaten path and to go places before the mass produced holiday package tours start arriving. Broadly speaking, there are two very different types of traveller who have this in mind. At one end of the scale, you have the backpackers who travel on a low budget and, as long as they get there, are not too concerned about the quality of their transportation and accommodations.

Then, there are the affluent people who seek out the unusual and the exotic but insist that all the arrangements are done with a certain amount of comfort and luxury. Fortunately, there are like minded hoteliers who cater for this higher end class of travellers. This may be by means of a unique hotel within a major destination or it could be a quality hotel located in a unique place – on its own island, high up in the mountains or in a game reserve – the emphasis will be on being “special”.

How Do The Discerning Hoteliers Meet The High End Discerning Travellers?

If you are running such a hotel, the chances are that it is not going to be huge and it may be somewhat anonymous. However, even if it is relatively small, you will need to have a good occupancy rate if you are to stay in business. Being small and exclusive, you may not be able to mount a world-wide marketing campaign.

Possibly, what you need is good hotel representation from a third party. The people who could provide this should also be amongst the ranks of the discerning. Someone who knows what the discerning traveller will appreciate so that they can assess what your hotel has to offer and then pass on your details to the sort of people you would like to see staying with you. Good hotel representation is about putting the right traveller in touch with the right hotel owner.

Does your business need hotel representation? If you run a hotel that has something special to offer, contact Jaj by Janine Cifelli Representation to see how to improve your occupancy rates.