Things to consider when installing laminate flooring

Laminate flooring looks every bit as natural as real wood flooring but it is considered to be an engineered wood. Laminate flooring comprises a core of densely compressed particle board with an image of wood or other flooring material on the top and then completely sealed with a durable coating of aluminum oxide. Some of the more expensive laminate flooring material is textured making it virtually impossible to distinguish it from the real thing.

In the past laminate flooring installation in Phoenix required that each plank be glued together whereas most modern laminates now require no glue what so ever. Although installing laminate flooring today where no glue is required is much easier it still takes a lot of precision and knowledge of what is involved in the installation process.

Laminate flooring can be installed over linoleum or vinyl as it is quite thin but any other existing floor covering must be removed. Laminate flooring is what is called a “floating floor” this means that it can accept minor variances in height and can actually be installed over multiple layers of thin flooring material such as linoleum. It is not that laminate flooring cannot be installed over thicker existing floors, it is just that the floor height will not be normal.

If the flooring installation in Phoenix is being done in an existing home then the baseboard must be removed, if the installation is in a new home under construction then the baseboard is not put on until the floor is complete. Before the laminate flooring is laid a foam pad is installed over the entire floor area, the seams must be close together; the seams can be sealed with tape. It is easier to trim this foam pad than it is to try and add to it so be generous around the doorways.

Laminate flooring is of tongue and groove design. To install the floor it is important to start on one side of the room, the planks are joined tightly and taped together as you work across the room. Laminate floor is very stable but even at that it will expand and contract slightly so a gap must be left around the perimeter of the room, the gap can be about ¼ inch or so. During laminate flooring installation in Phoenix ensure that the planks are installed so that the seams are staggered, this makes for a more natural look and ensures a strong floor when finished.

Although laminate flooring installation in Phoenix is easier than was when the planks were glued it still is best to have the installation done professionally. You are welcome to arrange purchase and installation of your laminate flooring at