Choosing the best carpet tiles for the basement

When you are looking for the best Phoenix carpet and tile there are many different products to choose from, when you are looking for the best floor cover for your basement you might wish to consider carpet tiles. When you look for carpet tiles for the basement pay particular attention to the backing, the water resistance of the tiles and the method used to fix them to the floor. Carpet tiles can be used in any room but they tend to be ideal in the basement where they get a lot of traffic from the kids when they go down to play in the recreation room with friends. Carpet tiles are readily available in Phoenix carpet and tile outlets.

Carpet tiles are available with either a hard backing or a soft backing which is slightly cushioned. A carpet tile with a soft backing recreates the impression of walking on a carpet with a traditional under pad. These soft baking carpet tiles are not recommended for use in the basement of the home although they are ideal upstairs. They are not recommended because there is always the possibility of a flood in this part of the house. Although your basement may have been treated with a water resistant material even it can fail. Hard backed carpet tiles are better for this application because in the event the basement does flood these tiles can be dried out quicker which makes it more difficult for mold spores to take hold.

Basement carpet tiles can be fixed to the floors in a couple of ways, one uses adhesive the other doesn’t. Many carpet tiles come from the manufacturer with an adhesive back, all that has to be done is to peel of the protective paper and lay them on the floor. This type of installation makes it quite difficult to lift the tiles at a later date or when they get wet. A better solution is to buy from a Phoenix carpet and tile distributor carpet tiles which have a rubber backing. When these tiles are laid on the sub floor there is a considerable amount of friction from the rubber and they don’t move but they can be lifted at any time as they are not glued.

Carpet tiles that are best suited for installation in the basement will be inorganic material so that mold and mildew cannot grow in any of the layers in the event they are soaked. As previously noted, rubber backing is considered the best as the tiles can be lifted and taken outdoors to dry.

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