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What is a testosterone booster?

There are people who do not generate sufficient testosterone and as such they use the best testosterone booster that they can. This product increases the level of testosterone and is normally used while under the care of a doctor, however there are also products available which are derived from herbs that are sold over the counter.

The best testosterone booster is required when the body is incapable of producing the necessary amount of naturally occurring testosterone. The frequency of use and the duration of the treatment can depend on the cause of one’s inability to produce normal levels of testosterone. In some cases the treatment is life-long but in other cases the body will revert back to its normal, natural testosterone production and the supplement can stop.

One of the problems with low levels of testosterone is a decrease in the libido or other form of sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction. There are a number of reasons for the body being unable to produce sufficient testosterone naturally; these reasons can be problems with the pituitary gland or the suffering of trauma to the testes. There are a number of organs that are either directly or indirectly responsible for testosterone production and a problem with any of them can result in the need for a booster.

Any athletes that are involved in body building may also resort to the best testosterone booster for rapidly building body and muscle mass. As testosterone is partly responsible for male performance on and off the playing field, athletes often rely on such a booster. If the booster is herbal or vitamin based there is no concern, nor is there a need for a doctor’s prescription. However, boosters which are not made with herbs must be obtained under doctor supervision and are only available with a prescription.

Many natural testosterone boosters are a combination of naturally occurring compounds such as Tribulus Terrestris. These products are considered safe and are necessary for the proper function of the reproductive system and for the support of the already mentioned gender-based traits. When used to assist athletes, it enables rapid recovery which allows for longer and more intense workouts and training. These are both extremely important when the objective is to build muscle mass.

The best testosterone booster is Andriol-Test 40, a perfectly natural product which is safe to use and legal. This product is available online from Stacklabs.