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Are You Seeking Hospitality Insurance?

Are you thinking of opening a new business in the hospitality field such as a restaurant or a tavern? Have you given any thought to what hospitality insurance is and what kind you should have? Perhaps you already own a business in this field and are wondering if you have enough insurance coverage. There is a place you can go to get all the answers and solutions you need.

When running a hospitality business, having insurance to cover yourself, your business, your patrons and your employees is a must. RSI has been one of the premiere insurance brokers for almost 20 years. They currently insure businesses in 1400 locations throughout the N.J.- N.Y. Metropolitan area. Their brokers and principals have owned businesses in N.J., N.Y. and California; giving them the background, experience and expertise required to meet your specific needs. RSI can inform you on which types of insurance you should or shouldn’t have. Often times, they will guide you towards insurance options that are even cheaper than what you’re already paying. Also serving as an independent broker, they are deeply committed to the highest level of service to you. They will loyally and aggressively serve as an advocate on your behalf. Several metro N.Y. – N.J. Restaurant and Bar Owner’s Associations have endorsed RSI.

Some of the businesses RSI provides insurance for include:

  • Restaurants (which includes coverage for such things as property, business/personal/property contents, liquor liability,etc.)

Coffee bars


Pubs (which includes, property damage, general liability, workmen’s compensation, liquor bonds and much more)

Nightclubs (including such things as assault and battery coverage, employee practices coverage, checkroom theft insurance, workmen’s compensation, liquor bonds and more)

Delicatessens (for property damage, personal injury liability and employment practices liability)

Pizzerias (for property damage, personal injury liability and employment practices liability)

Caterers (including such things as general liability, liquor liability, food spoilage and more)

And a host of other businesses in the hospitality industry

RSI offers a full range of insurance coverage, just a few of which include:

  • Property damage

General liability

Employment practices liability

Disability Insurance

Workmen’s compensation insurance

Liquor liability

Food spoilage

Grocery store insurance

If you’re seeking any type of hospitality insurance, you might want to give them a call at: (914) 332-1700. You can also browse their website at RSI-Insurance.com.