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The Circle of Life

The circle of life provides us both joy and sadness. We all know there is no way of getting away from the idea that we live and die. However faith in God can often make understanding the circle of life and accepting it easier. A Free Prophecy Reading can often remind you of how to get the most out of life while you are here as well as offer insight into life everlasting.

For those without faith death can be a far more difficult prospect. The loss of a loved one can devastate your life, yet with faith you will believe a number of things that will help ease your pain. First you will know that you will be reunited with all of your loved ones in heaven for eternity. Second you will know that your loved ones have gone to a better place without pain or sadness. Finally you will know that God loves you and wants you to find solace in his promise to join him in heaven. All of these facts will make it easier for you to deal with loss and move on to continue living a life that let’s your loved ones in heaven see you happy.

The belief that your loved ones can continue to be a part of your life and shine their love down on you as all angels of heaven can, will make it easier for you to deal with their passing. It is even easier when someone you love shares your faith and looks at death as passing from this world and into the next where they will be happy at God’s side waiting for their loved ones to join them.

A free prophecy reading can offer many interesting aspects to the circle of life and allow you to contemplate this basic truth. You can use your faith to understand death and know it is an ultimate ending we all must face. Knowing you will then go to heaven and share life with all those you love forever makes death seem less frightening.

Prayer can help you feel closer to God and to those you have lost. You will find strength knowing that there is no more suffering and take comfort knowing God is watching over you as he watched over those who have died. He was ready to welcome them into heaven.

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