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Offshore Injury Lawyer Lafayette – Things You Should Know

Offshore jobs are not just hard work, but they also come with significant risks in many cases. Major and fatal injuries are not common, but they do happen and usually there is some kind of negligence involved. Not all major injuries or fatalities are due to the negligence of the employer. Offshore Injury Lawyer Lafayette firms can help you find out if you have a case of negligence as long as you have the necessary information to provide. The following information will discuss a few aspects of offshore accidents.

The good news is that fewer accidents happen in the offshore venue nowadays due to stricter regulations for safety. Even with these strict regulations in place a few incidences of accidents can still occur. Offshore jobs are primarily on oil drilling rigs where the weather can get extreme and the equipment these brave people work with and around is dangerous. Things like slippery decks on the rig and a dangerous equipment malfunction can cause accidents regardless of strict regulations.

Certain accidents are more common than others in the offshore oil industry. Slip and falls are probably the most common accident that happens due to the slippery deck. While most slip and falls don’t result in serious injuries, some of them do because of the hazardous environment of the workplace.

Another area where accidents often occur is in the lifting of heavy cargo on and off the rig. The injuries incurred from this commonly involve a worker being hit by the cargo when it’s being moved by a crane. The least common, but possible accidents are those involving fires, accidents when operating heavy equipment, defective equipment, and falling from high places on the rig. Any accident that occurs on an oil rig carries more risks of injuries than other workplace accidents.

These types of accidents are covered under maritime law which works to the advantage of a Jones Act seaman. You or your loved ones have the right to file a claim if injury or illness occurs while you are on the job. These accidents and illnesses are different from Workers Compensation claims which means your compensation goes beyond what that insurance allows. The lawyer’s goal is to protect the best interests of the injured party or their surviving family. For more information visit http://craigadavis.com/lafayette-la-offshore-accident-claims.htm.