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Writing on Walls? Now Walls Can Become Canvases

Transform any paintable surface into your canvas. Walls Love Ink–or WINK–can turn an ordinary wall into a writing wall. So, you can jot down a grocery list or brainstorm ideas. So, creativity is limited only to your number of walls.

In other words, WINK is bigger and better canvas. Creations can be any shape, size or color. Therefore, making Technicolor dreams come true is possible. Hues can shine through WINK’s clear finish. The water-based formula can cover about 90 square feet. That formula turns any surface dry erase marker-friendly, which has low odor and a 10-year limited warranty.

With that said, creating a writing wall takes preparation. For instance, gather the necessary tools, including a 9-inch paint roller with one-quarter inch nap cover, metal roller tray, low-tack painter’s tape, stir stick, Part A and Part B.

Now, a clean and dry wall is essential. The wall should have no remnants of grease or mildew. WINK is a high-gloss, clear coat, which will highlight any imperfections. Ensuring the designated area is smooth is imperative, before using on existing painted surfaces.

If repainting, sand the wall, removing imperfections. Filling any hole or scratches would be prudent. Apply primer and paint smoothly, taking great care to leave very stipple as well no lap marks or roller lines. Allow WINK dry for, at least 4 hours, depending on the area.
Getting the formula ready is the next step. Stir, while mixing Part B into Part A—for three and one-half minutes. Once Parts A and B are incorporated, WINK will begin thickening slightly. Incorporate unmixed paint on the side of can into the middle. When paint is completely incorporated, allow the formula to “sweat-in” for five minutes. Then, pour into metal roller tray and grab the roller.
Masking areas with low-tack painter’s tape is important. WINK is a fast-drying formula. Remove tape, while it’s still wet. A damp rag can remove WINK remnants under the tape.
Run wild, creatively, of course, with WINK. However, WINK can help chronicle great ideas, create beautiful pictures or keep track of mundane and important details. Save paper and help the environment, put WINK to good use. Turn a wall into a writing wall or super-sized sticky note. Remembering milk and Billy’s soccer game or that great pitch just got easier, thanks to WINK.

Adorn your walls with the market’s most affordable, fun and “green” write-and-erase paint. Let WINK bring your organization and communication to a whole, new level. Order a WINK kit today for only $175.

Writing Wall – With Walls Love Ink can transform any paintable surface into an artist’s canvas or presenter’s whiteboard, using dry erase markers. WINK brings creation and inspiration together.