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Troubleshooting a Remote Operated Garage Door

Having a garage Door Opener in Troy MI is a useful tool for those who do not wish to alight from their cars to open the door or for those who find the door to heavy to open comfortably. However, like every other electro-mechanical device failure will happen.

The average garage door opens and closes about 1500 times a year and certain components of a garage door will fail in about 10,000 operations, the springs are one of these failure points, the garage door opener is also prone to failure. If your automatic garage door opener fails to perform, there are a few things to look before calling for service on your garage Door Opener in Troy MI.

  • The garage door runs in tracks mounted on either side of the door, check the vertical tracks to make sure that nothing is blocking the doors path. Make sure you car is completely inside the garage and past the path of the door and make sure nothing has rolled into the up and down path. Any object that breaks the path of the bottom sensor will cause the door to malfunction.
  • There are two infrared sensors mounted on remote electric garage door openers. These sensors must be lined up perfectly with each or you will not be able to close the door unless you hold the close button continuously. To adjust the position of the sensors place an item on the garage floor that is very close to the bottom of the sensor casing, which is flat. The sensor is held in position by screws, loosen the screws until you can adjust the sensor position by moving it either up or down. Once both sensors are in the correct position the garage Door Opener in Troy MI will once again function correctly. The item you place on the floor can simply be a small block of wood or even a bolt of acceptable length.
  • If you find that you cannot close the door unless you hold the down button in, check to see that the infrared sensors are perfectly clean. Over time dust, dirt and grime will adhere to the sensors “eyes” and the connection between the opposing sensors cannot be made. Any dirt, including cob webs which have built up on the sensor must be cleaned off with a rag.
  • If the garage door closes part ways and then reverses direction and opens all the way you will need to adjust the open/close limits on the actual garage door opener. Many garage door openers have settings for the two positions on the outside of the casing. To adjust the limits properly, make a measurement from the top of the ceiling of the garage to the floor and then reset the limits with the aid of a dial on the opener.

When you have a garage door opener it’s a good idea to have a technician check the function and any wear patterns annually. Mammoth Door, LLC is your ideal partners for door installation and maintenance.