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Sports Injury Rehabilitation In Philadelphia

Sports injury rehabilitation in Philadelphia has helped many athletes. It is very common for athletes to get injured during competitions, training, exercises and organized sports due to various reasons, like, inadequate warm-ups, insufficient training methods or lack of conditioning. Overuse and fatigue are other contributors to sports injuries as well. Injury rehabilitation helps an athlete to cope with these injuries and to rebuild the strength and movement.

Common Sports Injuries That Require Injury Rehabilitation In Philadelphia

Sports injuries can occur from any sports and will require the help of trained physical therapists to recover. Some of the most common sports injuries are knee injuries, swollen muscles, sprains and strains, shin splits, dislocations and fractures. If you experience a sports injury, it must be addressed appropriately to keep the athlete safe. Physical therapist will evaluate the biomechanics of the athletes as some sports like golf and tennis require repetitive motions and result in similar injuries such as tennis elbow and inflammation on the outside of the upper arm. Biomechanics of the players should be precise to distribute the physical load during the game and to ensure that any single anatomical part of the body is not subjected to excessive pressure or load.

Sports Injuries And Treatment With Injury Rehabilitation In Philadelphia

To devise a treatment plan, physical therapists need to first understand the injured structure and the extent of the injury. The athlete is also evaluated on a daily basis as some of the injuries go through various phases acute, sub-acute and chronic phase and are time dependent. A physical therapist will diagnose the phase of an injury and provide the required therapy for that phase.

Acute phase follows R.I.C.E principle which is Rest, Ice, Compression and Evaluation. This allows the injury to heal and control the inflammation. The sub-acute phase requires motion control and the athletes perform motion and strengthening exercise with assistance. The chronic phase marks returning to the functional phase and the athlete returns to the normal every-day workout routines prior to the injury.

Treat Concussion With Injury Rehabilitation In Philadelphia

Concussion is a traumatic brain injury and results in headaches and even unconsciousness. Concussion risks are present in all sports but are higher in football, boxing and hockey where the chances of the head experiences a blow from an object is greater. Concussion injury rehabilitation in Philadelphia is more difficult to manage and require a multidisciplinary approach. A physical therapist needs to evaluate the symptoms and other diagnoses and provide the required guidance to the patient.

Prevention of sport injuries is very important and consulting with a physical therapist to understand the weak muscles that are prone to injury is vital. If you are an athlete, make sure that you follow correct training methods and do adequate warm-ups and stretching.

Injury rehabilitation Philadelphia helps an athlete to recover and get back to the functional abilities. An early visit with the physical therapist can help an athlete to avoid an injury. Visit oxfordrehab.com for more information.