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The Passion of Collecting Baseball Cards

Many people collect old baseball cards as a hobby and for personal gratification. There are some passionate baseball card collectors who resell and trade their collected cards with other collectors both offline and online. The challenging part of having your own collection of baseball cards is the completion of an entire collection set. Today, the old cards of famous vintage players are quite in demand and are much more valuable.

The rarity and conditions of the cards are two important factors that must be considered in determining the real value of an old baseball card. Typically, the conditions of any rookie card dictate its demand. The first published cards of players are the most sought after by sports enthusiasts and collectors. The value of a baseball card also depends on the perception of the baseball player’s career performance. Grading companies are usually the ones who provide value to a collectible item. These companies are trained and neutral in evaluating the actual worth of any type of sports collectibles.

The first set of collectible cards was produced in the year 1886 until 1887. It includes 55 baseball cards of great sports players published by Allen and Ginter in Richmond, Virginia. Charles Comiskey and Cap Anson are among the famous players appearing in this baseball card edition. The most famous and expensive rookie card is the Honus Wagner. This card was produced in the year 1909 and it has obtained a price of $2.35 million during an auction held last February 2007.

In the year 1888, the first collections of exclusively devoted collectors of old baseball cards were published. The Old Judges Company was the one who published these unnumbered baseball cards. There was no information provided on the number of cards that comprised the complete set but 172 of these cards have been identified already. These cards show photographs of players instead of drawings. Goodwin and Co also published a series of baseball cards for Old Judge cigarettes. These cards are also known as Kimball Champions.

Today, it’s not only Topps who are producing these baseball cards. You can also find them published by Upper Deck, Fleer and Donruss. Each year, baseball cards and other collectible items hit the market featuring the rookie players. Rookie cards are first baseball cards of players and they cost higher than other cards of the same players. However, the cigarette baseball cards are still known to be the best and most popular of all baseball cards.

Additionally, the Honus Wagner cards are known as the Mona Lisa baseball cards. Those cards that were previously owned by Gretzky Wayne were auctioned in eBay for $1.27 million.

When you have collected many baseball cards, you will find it hard to manage. Replacing them or retrieving them can be hard and it often requires the skill of a library science holder. To manage this problem, you may use software that will allow you to manage your baseball card collection efficiently. The choice of software depends on the complexity of your collection.

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