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LEED Gold Certified Condos Use Many Features Based on LEED Rules

The LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, standards are some of the country’s top rules with regards to developing properties that meet the needs of people and the environment together. The LEED Gold standard is one of the key standards that are offered in this program. LEED Gold certified condos are properties that have reached at least 60 of the possible 100 points used for determining how well a property can handle sustainability.

The standards that condos like these follow relate to the five main categories that the LEED program has put into place. These relate to the materials used in the construction of the building, the ways how the building manages energy, how it handles water, the sustainability of a spot and whether the indoor parts of a building can handle clean air as well as the rest of a building can. These standards must be met for Gold certification.

LEED Gold certification is being attained through many ways. First, there is the way how a building is prepared with recycled materials. These include old wood and steel materials that are gathered from old demolished buildings in an area. These items are separated and chosen based on what items are capable of being used for the construction of a new building. These are used to meet the construction and sustainability standards for certification.

LEED Gold certified condos also prepare many materials inside a building to make sure that they are built with the planet in mind. Low-energy LED lights are used throughout a condo building. Low-flow toilets with different flush options are also used. Recycled metal and wood materials similar to what was used for the entire building in general are also prepared inside each room. Even the appliances are chosen with low energy usage in mind. These are often found in LEED rules for water and energy.

There are many additional items that can be added to the outside parts of a building. Solar shades are often added to the outside parts of these condos. These are thick shades that are durable and can block out the Sun’s rays without letting anything in. It can even prevent UV rays from getting into a condo. LEED standards highly favor these shades.

A few small parts of a condo’s design may be added to go along with LEED rules. These include features like large garden areas and public walkways that allow people to go through these garden spots. These work well for interior air quality because garden spots can absorb pollutants. Bicycle garages may also be added to support bicycle transportation over other forms that use expensive fuel. Solar panels may even be added but this is often optional.

The things that can be used in LEED Gold certified condos to get them to reach this strong standard are interesting. These involve not only the ways how a building is built but also how it is prepared with regards to what goes inside of a building and even around its exterior. These standards must be met for the best results.

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