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How local animal hospitals Lincolnwood, IL located can help your flea ridden pet

When your cat or dog is experiencing a case of sever fleas, it can be a difficult time for you and an even more difficult time for your pet. Fleas cause itching, redness, and discomfort that can make your dog or cat extremely uncomfortable and distressed. Understanding the facts about fleas and what damage they cause can help you take the necessary steps towards helping your pet to recover. In addition, visiting local animal hospitals Lincolnwood, IL located is the next best step in ensuring that your pet is fully recovered.

There are more than 1900 species of fleas worldwide however only one species can prove potentially lethal to your pet. This type of flea is called Ctenocephalides felis, otherwise known as the cat flea. It can affect many different types of animals including dogs, cats, and rabbits. Fleas although small can reproduce rapidly with possible fatal consequences. If your pet has a case of fleas, you should seek the help of local animal hospitals Lincolnwood, IL located. Underestimating this affliction can have harmful consequences and so it is important to understand the damage that a flea infestation can cause. Some of the harmful results from fleas include:

  • Flea anemia
  • Flea allergic dermatitis
  • Feline infectious anemia
  • Cat scratch fever/ Bartonellosis
  • Common tapeworm infection

Although fleas are tiny, they are blood sucking creatures and over time, enough blood loss to your pet can prove to be fatal. Because of this, it is vital to get your pet to a veterinarian who can provide much needed medical attention for your beloved pet.

Preventing fleas in your home

Animal hospitals Lincolnwood, IL located will advise you that the best way to deal with a flea infestation is to prevent them in the first place. They will provide you tips and information for preventing flea infestations such as cleaning and vacuuming your home often, maintaining a clean yard free from garbage and waste, and keeping your pet clean with baths and monthly flea and tick treatments. By taking these preventative steps, you will be able to maintain a healthy environment for your pet while avoiding an instance of flea infestations.

Local animal hospitals Lincolnwood, IL based will have a variety of tips, information, and resources to help you best care for your pet. By following the above guidelines and taking your pet to the veterinarian to receive monthly flea treatments, you can help prevent this highly unwanted condition from afflicting your pet. If your pet has become affected by fleas, there are flea baths and treatments available to help relieve the pain and itchiness as well as rid your pet of the infection.

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