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Working With Embroidery Designs As A Hobby

There are times when you really want to make a statement with your clothing. Whether you are in need of promoting your business or if you just want to show off your love of your favorite cartoon character, embroidery designs are a great way to create unique crafts and garments. Embroidery is also a fantastic way to make personalized gifts for everyone including sports lovers, music lovers and animal lovers.

Before the new technology came out embroidery designs could take what seemed like forever for even the simplest design to come out but thanks to the simplicity of machines and software, these same projects can now be completed in a matter of just minutes. While this modern day way of adhering embroidery designs are fantastic for anyone wanting the hand crafted products with very little time, there are some who are looking for a new hobby and prefer the old fashioned hand sewn embroider.

If you are choosing to start embroidery as a hobby and plan to do it by hand then there are a few things you will want to know first. As a beginner you will want to choose an embroidery design that will be a little less complicated so you do not get overwhelmed with the project and give up on your embroidery. When starting out with any kind of hobby it will require lots of time and patience so it is always best to start simple when getting the feel for a new hobby. On average a person might complete around twelve cross stitches a minute so it is a good idea to keep that in mind when hunting for a new embroidered design to begin with, as most designs will give you a total stitch count so you know what you are getting into.

It is also a must that you begin by taking some time to practice on scrap fabric before placing your finished designs on clothing or completed crafts. You will want to become very familiar with the embroider technique before you really start. Once you have chosen from the embroidered designs the one you want you will need to select your embroidery thread. There is certain thread that are easier to use and some are more difficult. If you start with a more difficult thread such as a silky or satiny one while they add something to the embroidery designs they may cause you to quit your new fun hobby before you even get started.

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