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Some Helpful Hints When Ordering Rhinestone Custom Transfers

It is likely that when you find a company from whom you are going to be ordering rhinestone custom transfers, they will have their own list of do’s and don’ts and suggestions of how things work best for them. However, these are a few general suggestions that can help you at least know how much work is involved when ordering a custom transfer. As in all things, the more work you are willing to do, the less you will have to pay. Most companies will charge for any work they have to do such as deciding on how to create the pattern, deciding on a layout, etc., but that may be a service you are happy to pay for just to ensure you don’t have to worry about it.

You must choose a simple design. Unfortunately, when working with the dots of colors that are rhinestones, a lot of detail does not work, so simplify a complex logo if necessary or find a design to begin with that has a few strong lines and clear shapes rather than a subtly detailed portrait.

Consider the size of your design. If it is going on a shirt, consider the sizes of shirts it will be on and print out one image to size and try it shirts of those sizes to make sure that your rhinestone custom transfers will look just as good on the largest and the smallest shirts as it does on the standard sizes. Along with that, consider any wording. The letters on a rhinestone design will have to be at least 1 inch high and, since companies charge by the rhinestone, and lettering requires a great number of small stones, a long slogan or statement will not work well. Apparently, having different colors of letters is not a successful option either. Most of the time, the different colors draw your eyes different ways and the resulting effect is that others do not see the letters as a complete word.

There are different sizes of rhinestones, with the larger ones being more expensive but then you need fewer for your design. However, it is a trade-off. Less dots of color will mean there is less definition of your artwork and words; more dots that are smaller in size provide better viewing results, but may be more costly because of the number needed. When you mix sizes, you must be careful that you do not expect very large rhinestones and very small rhinestones to keep good company on rhinestone custom transfers. Although they might look beautiful, the difference needed for the pressing of the adhesive between the small and the large sizes is so great that there will be a loss of glue and the product will eventually fail.

Whether you are looking for individual embroidery designs, design collections or Rhinestone Custom Transfers, either in your own original creation or from company stock collection, Dakota Collectibles have the customized products you need at affordable prices.