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For some people, the word roof is all encompassing. A roof is a roof. To those people, it might be kind of amazing to know that there are many different styles of roofs or roofing available. When looking for roofing Minneapolis services, it can really help to know what sort of style of roofing your home has. Different styles of roof may determine a different cut or attack for roofing. Below are some explanations of different styles of roof that can be found.

The Mansard style roof is a French style that basically has two slopes on each side of the home for a total of four slopes. Sometimes this sloping can actually create more space toward the upper part of the house that can be used as a living space or for storage—whatever the owner desires.

The Saltbox roofing style is asymmetrical. One side of the roof has a long slope while the other side is quite short. This can allow for a building to appear as one story on a certain side, and yet be a two story or higher on the other side.

A Hip roof has a sort of pyramid shape, but lacks the pointed top. In essence, a Hip roof has four sides to it that slope up and meet. The place where the slopes meet is flat, thus lacking the complete pyramid shape.

A Flat roofing style is exactly how it sounds. There are no slopes or points on a Flat roof. Although this style may be aesthetically appealing to many, it also requires some maintenance. With the roof being flat, any debris that falls on it will stay there. In this case, the roof may require more cleaning than other roofing styles. There are roofing Minneapolis companies that may be able to help with such maintenance.

The Arched style of roofing is not necessarily used on the entire roof of a home, but rather only on a part of the roof. The Arched roof is two slopes that rise up and meet at a ridge. It can add a lot to the visual beauty and architecture of a home.

There are many roofing styles that a home may have. Understanding what style of roof your home has can also help whenever you need work or maintenance done to your home’s roof. For any maintenance or roof questions, you can always consult with a roofing Minneapolis company. Many may even be able to tell you what sort of maintenance a certain roofing style may require simply by its design, and what roofing materials might work best with certain styles. Who knew there was so much to learn about roofing?

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