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Types Of Home Siding In Minneapolis

When considering the exterior look of your home, there are many options that a siding Minneapolis company can provide. Each style brings its own aesthetic appeal to a home’s exterior. When looking into changing or constructing the siding of your home, here are a few options that you might consider.

Stucco is basically cement mixed with water and other inert materials like lime or sand. Although some synthetic types of stucco have had problem, quality stucco can be very durable. By coloring the stucco exactly how you want it, you eliminate the need to ever paint your house again.

Stone veneer siding has the appearance of stone materials without the high cost. This type of siding generally uses precast stone veneers. There are some stone veneers that may obviously look artificial, but there are also others that look quite real.

Cement fiber is a great option for a wood look to a house without the maintenance that real wood requires. Many cement fiber sidings are also termite proof and fireproof. In addition, many of these sidings carry a fifty year warranty.

Wood clapboard is a popular choice with solid varieties of wood that are available, namely Douglas fir, cypress, cedar, pine, spruce, and redwood. In addition, these woods can be stained as opposed to painted. With proper care, this siding can even outlast the vinyl siding Minneapolis companies offer.

Brick and brick veneer sidings are durable options that generally do not require much repair for twenty-five years. The brick can also bring a beautiful color to the home and can last for centuries. Brick veneer siding may bring the brick look to the home, but might not last as long as genuine brick.

Cedar shingle siding is made up of cedar shingles, which are also known as shakes. This siding may not require as much maintenance as wood clapboard. The shingles can also be stained instead of painted. By staining the wood, there is usually a reduction in peeling.

Engineered wood is also called composite wood. This type of siding is often easy to install and doesn’t cost too much. Although it does not look like real wood, it still carries a natural appearance as opposed to aluminum.

Seamless steel siding has the added benefit of staying the same shape no matter the temperature. That means no bulging or shrinking. This type of siding is fit to the size of your house. It can even come with a wood appearance, if you desire.

Aluminum siding can be a good alternative to vinyl siding. It is easy to maintain and strong. In addition, it does not tend to crack like vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding does not rot or flake like the wood options. It is also rather easy to install and inexpensive. These sidings are made from polyvinyl chloride plastic. If you don’t like the idea of traditional vinyl sidings, some siding Minneapolis companies also offer vinyl coatings. This is a spray-on coating that may have similar benefits to vinyl siding.

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