What Makes the ADT System Special?

Protecting your family and your possessions is a basic instinct imprinted on every human being. Finding the best home alarm system is important not only for safety, but for your own piece of mind.

ADT systems are numerous and they represent the kind of specialized home alarm systems designed to fit every budget and individual need. While there are many other home alarm systems on the market, ADT can offer you the most up to date, twenty-four hour monitoring system.

Most people feel comforted by the fact that ADT has been around for a long time. For almost 100 years they’ve been offering businesses and home alarm systems that work around the clock.

The twenty-four hour monitoring is a big contributor to the success of ADT home alarm systems. ADT has placed itself in strategic locations to offer this twenty-four hour access and has monitoring centers to help fulfill these needs.

To keep up with the changes in technology, ADT is offering remote security called ADT Pulse. ADT Pulse offers video, light control, climate control and home automation all by using a remote sensor.

Interestingly enough, we take for granted what a twenty-four hour remote system, such as ADT Pulse, can actually do. ADT Pulse will monitor not only for intruders, but also your carbon monoxide and fire systems. If a fire starts, you’ll be the first to know even if you’re not at home.

You can also disarm and arm your system by using a cell phone with Internet or for those without that feature you can simply use your computer.

In certain geographic locations, flooding in your house is a major concern. Most people would be amazed to know that ADT Pulse system can monitor and alert you of water leaks early on, which can potentially avoid severe damage.

Having remote video monitoring can be useful, especially if you’re not sure who’s at the door. ADT offers the ability to view your front door without even going to the door.

Most of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprint in some way. To help save money on the electricity bill you can adjust lights and thermostats by simply connecting to the system without being there.

As with most products, seeing is believing. You can’t fully grasp how much you’ll like a product until you’ve incorporated it into your daily routine. ADT offers guarantees so that you can try it out for yourself.

The guarantees that ADT offers are the following: money-back service guarantee, relocation discount guarantee, homeowner insurance discount guarantee and theft protection guarantee.

Homes Alarm offersstate-of-the-art ADT monitored home security system to protect your home and family.