ADT Security Systems

Before you zero in an alarm system to protect your home and family, it is best to take out some time to understand how ADT Security Systemswork. These security systems range from the basic electric circuit alarm to the most sophisticated wireless burglar alarm.

Types of ADT Security Systems

1.Closed and Open Circuit Systems – This is a simple electric circuit that is placed at the entry points to the house. Such systems are activated through a switch that is used to open or close the circuit. In a closed system, the closing of the door or window to which the alarm is attached switches on the alarm, while in an open system, the door and window needs to be opened for the system to be switched on. Such systems are a good option for protecting the perimeter of a home or office.

2. Basic Motion Detectors – These are systems that protect the house by sensing movement through microwave or ultrasonic wave patterns sent out through a room. Movement within the room disrupts these patterns, triggering the alarm.

3. Advanced Motion Detectors – These are photo-sensitive motion sensors. Beams of light are sent through a room or passageway and when a person walks through the space, the light beam is disrupted and the alarm is triggered. Passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors are a further advancement in this category of alarm systems. PIR sensors work by detecting the heat emitted by a body as it moves through a given space.

Wireless systems, such as motion detectors, are armed through a code entered into a keypad.

Wireless ADT Security Systems

A wireless alarm systems consists of:

1. Control Panel – This is the core that operates the entire system and is usually placed in a secure location, not easily accessible to would-be-burglars. The control panel receives information from all the motion detectors installed throughout the premises. Any disruption in the pattern of information sent will set off the alarm.

2. Keypad – This is a pad into which you input the code that arms and disarms the alarm system. Usually, the keypad is placed at the main entrance to the home or office. With advancement in technology, these keypads have become extremely user-friendly and can be armed and disarmed through single-touch keys.

3. Magnetic Contacts – These are switches placed close to a magnet and set off the alarm when there is an increase in the distance of the switch from the magnet due to a door or window being opened.

4. Contact Sensors – Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detectors are usually used when there is no one present within the premises. The alarm is triggered when the system detects body heat within the space it is monitoring.

5. Security Cameras – These add to the security of the space through visually monitoring any movement within the premises.

6. Remote Keys – This is a small device that can help you operate the security system without using the keypad and from a distance from the home or office.

Some security services companies also offer added monitoring services of the information received by the control panel.

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