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Remodel, renovate, reinvigorate!

Living in the same home for many years tends to get some people down. Seeing the same old room layout, staring through the same windows or sitting on the same old deck or backyard porch can be boring and monotonous. Add some spice and zing to your home by consulting a contracting firm that’s an expert at remodeling in Dutchess County NY.

One option to look at your home in new light may be a window replacement or renewal. Experts in remodeling in Dutchess County NY could recommend either a refurbishment or retrofit withain existing sills and frames, or the installation of brand new windows with lots of energy efficient and self-cleaning options to choose from.

To spruce up the exterior of your home, consider discussing upgrading or changing your sidings as part of your project for remodeling in Dutchess County NY. This could not only give your home much needed weather protection, but also enhances the curb appeal of your property.

And if you are tired of the same old silhouette of your home, consider changing that profile as part of a project for remodeling in Dutchess County NY. Your exterior home improvement contractor can apply inexpensive roof pitch changes to give your home that show stopping look that you are looking for – and all without expensive foundation removing, wall re-positioning work.

Roofs can be one of the most startling home outlook changers, especially if your home is an older one or if you live in a place that has extreme weather. One of the projects for home remodeling in Dutchess County NY should be roof restoration or reroofing. If you are spending a lot of money remodeling the interior of your house, then you might as well treat your home to a brand new top hat!

And to really make your project for remodeling in Dutchess County NY worthwhile, there’s nothing like sprucing up that creaky, weather beaten deck or front porch. A coat of paint here, hammering down a loose board there, or maybe even replacing some sections altogether could change the entire outlook of your home. And as a final jewel in the crown, make a fence upgrade or repair part of your project for remodeling in Dutchess County NY. Ring your property with a brand new Western Red Cedar fence that will last for decades to come.

Regardless of how many mini-projects you may have your home improvement contractor do, as part of your overall plans for remodeling in Dutchess County NY, make sure the company you select is fully licensed and appropriately insured to carry out the work, and has credibility within the community. One way to do so is to ensure they are affiliated with renowned agencies and associations such as the Business Network International (BNI), Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

We at OPTIMA Windows & Improvements, Inc. are experts at remodeling in Dutchess County NY. From sidings and gutters to roofing and windows. Call us for a consultation today!