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Don’t panic in your pets emergency!

Our pets are an extension of the family. We welcome them into our homes and lives and we show them love and attention and enjoy their company. What happens when they fall ill or you have a Pet Emergency in Taft? Your vet is there to help you. What if you don’t have a vet, or you have only just brought your new pet? Well now is the time to find the services of a vet and vet practice.

What to look for… Firstly, you need to look for a practice that is close to your home. During both emergency and non-emergency visits you will not want the stress of a long car journey for your pet. Make sure that the practice can deal with regular things such as yearly jabs, and that they can also deal with a Pet Emergency in Taft. Ask them what the process is and what the emergency number is now, before that emergency arises. Store the number on your cell phone, and make sure anyone else who helps with your pet, for example the dog walker, also know this number so that there is no delay in getting any emergency medical treatment your pet may require.

Also enquire as to what the practice can offer in terms of procedures they can carry out at the practice, and that they do offer that all important Pet Emergency in Taft. It is better for you and your pet that they receive all of their treatment at the same place as this is where their medical history will be stored along with any information relating to medical conditions and medications they may be on (that you may forget about during the panic of an emergency). It may also be easier on your pet to go somewhere where they have been before.

Whilst you are looking for a practice for your Pet Emergency in Taft now is also the time to ensure that you have a suitable pet insurance policy in place. When looking for a policy make sure that they do provide cover for emergency treatment, that you are free to use the vet practice of your choice during an emergency, and what the excess on the policy is. During any Pet Emergency in Taft the last thing you want to be worrying about is the financial side of the situation. By having an insurance policy in place, and knowing the practice you will use if the worst happens and an emergency arises, you are doing all you can to make the situation as easy as possible for both you and your pet.

If you find the above article helpful and want to know more about pet emergency taft you can approach At The Oaks Pet Hospital. For more information, visit Attheoakspethospital.aahavet.org.