To Brace Or Not To Brace

Most of us don’t have perfect teeth but that does not mean that we all need braces. It is also true that one does not get braces for the cosmetic benefits alone. People get braces for many reasons. The most primary reason is to fix poorly aligned jaws and crooked or missing teeth. These problems, when left untreated, can cause tooth decay, headaches, ear aches, gum disease, biting and chewing problems and sometimes, speech problems. In short, it is best to visit your local orthodontist to get Braces in Findlay, OH. We share a few pointers to get you started.

1) People suffering from orthodontic problems most benefit from the treatment when they get it at an early age, that is between the age of 10 to 14. It is the ideal time for placement of braces. It is when the mouth and head are still growing making the teeth available for straightening. However, it can be a traumatic experience for a child and hence, it is best to discuss the matter before the braced are applied. Visiting an orthodontic for a free consultation about Braces in Findlay, OH is a good start.

2) Contrary to the popular belief that it is only for teenagers, one is never too old to visit the orthodontist and consider getting orthodontic braces. One’s teeth can also benefit from getting straightened as long as they are in a healthy state, irrespective of your age. If one has unhealthy gums, gum recession or bone loss, then braces are not recommended as the pressure which is put on the gums could lead to unfavorable complications.

3) How long does one need to wear braces for? It depends on the treatment plan. It is often longer if your spacing or biting problem is more complicated and if you are older. Most people have to wear full braces for 12 to 24 months and then follow it by a retainer to align and set the tissues surrounding the straightened teeth.

4) Lastly, is the treatment uncomfortable? It does hurt for sometime. Putting the braces in your mouth does not hurt; the pressure and pain comes only a few days later. Not only does this lead to sore teeth, but when the brackets rub the inner parts of your lips and gums, even your mouth feels sore. It is not a pleasant experience, but the pain lasts for only a couple of weeks. Remember, getting Braces in Findlay, OH, is a good way to take care of yourself and though the initial part of getting braces is not a pleasant experience, it soon passes. Whether you believe it or not, in a few week’s time, the braces will stop bothering you.

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