Dental Braces in clinics of Findlay

In Findlay there are many dental clinics that offer variety of dental treatments. One of the treatments includes putting on dental braces. However, before opting for this treatment, it is necessary to know the different types of braces. Dental braces in clinics of Findlay, OH have a certain material used, cost, time of the entire treatment, location on the mouth or teeth etc.

Types Of Braces The first types of dental braces available in Findlay, OH are the traditional braces. These braces include mixing nickel titanium with metal. Only stainless steel is not used. Traditional braces usually stain the teeth and is is seen as a common problem. The stains are pretty visible which spoil the entire look. Some people are allergic to the metal nickel so they can go for gold plated braces. Also these braces are made of stainless steel and the dentists fix them to each and every tooth. The process is called bonding in which the bracket is fixed in the front of the individual tooth. One good thing is that they are very cheap.

The ceramic braces are also available in Findlay, OH clinics. are the ceramic braces. The method of applying is the same as traditional braces. Here too, the braces are individually bonded to teeth. The difference is in the material used and the look that it gives. Some of the braces are translucent and many refer to ceramic braces as the clear braces. The metal line therefore moves in front of top and the bottom rows of the teeth. This is where the ceramic braces bond to the teeth. The ceramic pieces are not strong enough and can break easily.

Lingual braces are also available in various clinics of Findlay, OH. The good part of these braces is that they are not visible in the front and are fixed behind. Lingual means tongue and it can get little difficult because tongue movement is obstructed due to them. Many who have worn them before suffered from speech problems, as they faced difficulty in speaking. Also they are pretty expensive and not easy to maintain.

Clear braces are made of plastic and are found in the progressive trays. These trays change over time. These braces are good because they make brushing and eating easy. The aligner or tray is worn for some time till the teeth sort of get used to that alignment. The patient then wears a new set altogether. The set is not noticeable completely and does not require any particular tightening or wires. Types of clear braces is Invisalign, Clearcorrect and Originator. Major corrections cannot be done by them but however some orthodontists recommend them.

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