Kick The Butt For Good Dental Hygiene

Smoking is injurious to health. Heard this before? Well, then here is an eyeopener, “smoking is bad for your teeth”. It does sound a bit unusual, but it is quite true. Smoking cigarettes is not just the only one to blame, smokeless tobacco, hookah parlors and cigars are equally responsible for dental problems.

The biggest danger that smoking might result into is oral cancer. Symptoms such as red or white patches in gums and lips, difficulty in chewing are some warning signs for oral cancer. If ear ache suddenly starts troubling, do not ignore the symptom. It is one of those warnings that is often ignored and leaves oral cancer untreated at the right time. So if the next time such symptoms pops up, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Findlay, OH as soon as possible. Procrastination might turn it into a bigger problem within no time.

Damage to gum tissues is another ill effect caused due to smoking. Receding gums, an irreversible process might finally result into tooth decay. Tooth sensitivity is another of the problem that smoking causes. It also causes halitosis, bad breath in simpler words. Heavy smoking might make room for stains that are hard to remove with timely brushing. Plaque and tartar are some other serious dental problems that results because of smoking and needs cleaning to get rid of.

There is a common myth that tobacco if not chewed and simply inhaled does not cause much trouble. But the reality is quite the opposite and tobacco consumption in any form, be it chewing or inhaling results in dental and oral problems, oral cancer being the worst case scenario.

It is surprising to note that even smokeless tobacco in the form of dip and chew contains nicotine few times more than normal cigars and cigarettes. American Dental Association (ADA) in its report has clearly stated that about 28 of cancer-resulting chemicals have been found in such forms of tobacco. Visit any dentist in Findlay, Oh and he/she would confirm the same.

Hookah is quite popular among the youth and is generally considered to be free from the harmful effects of tobacco. But the reality is that not all of the nicotine gets filtered and is equally harmful for dental hygiene. Though smoking is not easy to quit at one go, your nearest dentist in Findlay, OH might help in.

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