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Choosing a Sump Pump in Schaumburg to Suit Your Property

When heavy rainfall occurs, groundwater can accumulate in the area around a property and unless this water is removed with a sump pump in Schaumburg, you may be left hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket. Water can severely damage the foundations of a house and this moisture can also affect items that are lying around. This is why a sump pump in Schaumburg is an essential tool for every home. When selecting one of these appliances you need to consider your options and by selecting a sump pump in Schaumburg that is complete with the features you are looking for, protection is guaranteed every day.

The Basics of Sump Pumps

The main purpose of a sump pump in Schaumburg is to redirect water away from the property and this is possible because of six very special components. These components are the groundwater collection system, the sump basin, the primary sump pump, the check valve, the discharge hose and the backup system. When water builds up in the sump basin it is automatically transferred away from the foundation and there are two main options when selecting a sump pump – pedestal or submersible. The check valve will reduce the chances of backflow and if an electrical failure occurs, the backup system will work to ensure the sump pump still does its job.

The Two Types of Sump Pumps

So, there are two types of sump pump in Schaumburg and these are pedestal and submersible. What type you choose entirely depends on your circumstances. If you opt for a pedestal sump pump you can rely on it to work for up to 15 years. This economical option will be mounted outside of the sump basin and is recommended for sump pits that are less than 10-inches. A submersible sump pump will operate very quietly and if you live with children, this is a far safer option. Submersible pumps can work for up to 30 years and the motor will be fixed inside the basin itself.

The Sump Pump Switch

When you understand the basics of a sump pump in Schaumburg and have paid some thought to pedestal and submersible pumps, you need to learn about the switch. All sump pumps are crafted with a switch and this plays an important role in powering the pump. There are three main types of switches available and these are diaphragm switches, capacitive switches and vertical switches. As well as thinking about which type of switch you want your sump pump to have, you also need to think about choosing corrosion-resistant housing materials and a suitable capacity.

If you already have a sump pump in Schaumburg and need to install it on a GFCI protected outlet, contact a plumber. To hire a plumber who can speedily install your sump pump, visit Mmserviceplumbing.com.