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Contacting Plumbers in Schaumburg to Unblock Drains

The property owner is normally to blame when a drain becomes blocked and if you have just moved into a property only to discover you require help from plumbers in Schaumburg, you should be feeling quite angry at the previous owner. Maintenance is important for any property with plumbing and if you do not maintain plumbing fixtures on a monthly basis, you could be risking damages to your neighbor’s property too. If this happens you will be held liable and so it is imperative to hire plumbers in Schaumburg as soon as you realize something is not quite right. Here are some signs that your drains need unblocking.

Detecting a Blocked Drain

Spotting the early warning signs of blocked drains will enable you to save money when hiring plumbers in Schaumburg. There are many signs that could indicate a problem and if you are alert at all times, it will be easy to detect an issue before it escalates. A common sign of a blocked drain will be gurgling noises when water is being drained from the sink, bathtub or shower. This noise occurs because there are obstructions in the pipes that are disturbing the water flow. Other signs will be a higher water level in the toilet, bad smells coming from the plug hole and slow draining water.

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains

The time you devote into preventing blocked drains will make a significant difference because with a few lifestyle changes, you may never need to hire a plumber in Schaumburg. Normally the kitchen sink will block much quicker than the bathroom sink because waste food may travel down the plug hole when you wash the dishes. Rice is a big cause of drain blockage, as well as fats and oils because these substances tend to form a hard residue after building up over long periods of time. Never flush anything down the toilet apart from toilet paper because wet wipes, nappies and cotton buds can lodge in the pipes and act as a barrier for the water flow.

Home Maintenance Advice

With some home maintenance tips, you can reduce the chances of getting a blocked drain even further. A plumber in Schaumburg will advise you to use biodegradable bleach when cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, because this is strong enough to cut through grime and buildup in the pipes. Try to avoid planting shrubbery near drain covers on the exterior of your property because when weeds enter the drain, the water will have nowhere to go. When you notice hair accumulating near the plughole of your bath or shower, take a tissue and pull it out to stop problems from developing.

Drains very rarely block on their own so by making some changes around the house, you may never need to hire a plumber in Schaumburg. If you need a blockage removed instantly, visit mmserviceplumbing.com for 24 hour services.