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Finding Quality Military Housing, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk has long been home to several major military bases, housing thousands of active-duty service members and their families. With a large military presence comes a high demand for convenient, affordable military housing Norfolk has both on- and off-base options. If you’re a service member moving your family to the Norfolk area, it’s important to understand your military housing choices to find the best fit.

On-Base Military Housing

One option to consider is on-base military housing Norfolk has a number of bases, such as Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Air Station Oceana, and Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, which offer on-base housing communities. These homes are operated by private companies through partnerships with the Department of Defense (DoD).

Benefits of on-base housing include no security deposit, no utility connection fees, and convenient proximity to base services. Rent is also deducted directly from your paycheck. However, there are often waitlists for popular housing areas on base. Home styles and amenities can also be somewhat limited.

Renting Off-Base

Another major option is renting a home or apartment in the civilian market off-base. There are thousands of rental properties in the Norfolk area, from houses and townhomes to apartments and condos. Off-base rentals offer more choices in location, home styles, sizes, and amenities.

It’s important for service members to learn their housing allowance rate and rent within their budget. Be aware that civilian landlords often require a security deposit and credit/background checks. Having your paperwork like LES statements and references ready are key. The earlier you search and apply, the better home options you can secure.

Buying a Home Off-Base

While renting is more flexible, some service members decide to purchase a home in the Norfolk region, especially for longer-term assignments. This allows you to own an asset and potentially sell it for a profit when you move.

Be sure to research different Norfolk neighborhoods to find an affordable area near your base, with a reasonable commute. Get pre-qualified through a lender familiar with Veteran Administration (VA) loans. These specially tailored mortgages help veterans and military buyers. A real estate agent knowledgeable of the military housing market can also guide you through the buying process.

Finding the Right Fit

Choosing housing as a military family involves weighing factors like space needs, budget, commute time, and lifestyle preferences. Take advantage of resources like relocation specialists on base who can walk you through all the military housing options in Norfolk. Do your research to find the ideal home for your family during your assignment in the area.