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Decorating Options With Chiavari Chair Cover Designs

Even if you are not familiar with the term Chiavari chair, you have seen these types of chairs in homes and at functions in many different places. The Chiavari chair may also be called a Tiffany chair, and is the traditional wooden chair with a higher, square back and a more open wood or wood-look design and frame. This makes it perfect for a specially constructed Chiavari chair cover to accentuate and not completely cover the style.

The Chiavari chair cover is particularly designed for the unique shape of this chair style. With the higher back and the more upright shape, traditional types of folding chair covers will simply not fit the chair properly.

The Chiavari chair is a very popular option in many upscale reception halls, hotel banquet rooms, and in wedding reception venues. The Chiavari chair cover style you choose can provide a sheer, soft look to the chairs, or provide a more complete cover that can add to the style and look of your event.

Beautiful Soft Chair Backs

One of the most popular options in Chiavari chair cover designs for weddings is the sheer organza back. This can be ruffled or ruched and simply hangs down the back of the chair in a graceful drape.

The organza design is perfect for an outdoor wedding or reception, and it will gently move with the breeze, adding to the soft look of the fabric. They are available in a range of different pastel colors to match any event.

Another option is to choose a vintage veil style. These are typically sheer with an embroidered pattern that stands out while still remaining a subtle decorating accent.

Solid Looks

For a more solid look in a Chiavari chair cover consider a spandex back cover or a satin or glitz full chair back cover. These will completely cover the back of the chair, but do not cover the front or the seat. This is a dramatic look around tables or for seating for events and gatherings.

With a satin rosette Chiavari chair cover there are different presentations to consider. You can simply allow the fabric to drape down the back, or you can gather it to the center in a tie for a very sophisticated look.

Of course, you can also choose to top your Chiavari chair cover with a cap. This is a great option to add a splash of color and design to the chairs, and it is a unique look for any event.

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