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DIY or Pro? Why It’s Better to Buy a Photo Booth Backdrop for Your Event

Slews of sites online provide you with more than enough options, tips and advice on putting together the perfect DIY photo booth backdrop. But here’s why you might want to skip those DIY options from sites like Buzz-feed and shop for professional ones instead:

You’re short on time

Planning a birthday party or family reunion can mean staying on top of a lot of things. As a result, you probably won’t have a lot of time to DIY a solution for your booth backgrounds. Save time and shop for one instead.

You don’t know how

It often takes artistic talent and a good imagination to DIY an excellent booth backdrop. If you haven’t got those skills, though, spare yourself the effort and just shop.

You want no stress

It can be stressful to work on a DIY backdrop especially when you’ve already got a full plate. Just put in an order for backdrops and enjoy the event or party to the fullest.

A few tips

  • Consider your guest list

Who’s going to be attending the party? If you have plenty of kids coming, make sure you shop for a lot of playful and whimsical backgrounds. The kids will totally love taking pictures in the booth because of that. On the other hand, if you have an older crowd coming in, you’ll want to go for classy, formal or playful options.

  • Personalize it

Pick out the dominant hues and shades in your party or event and look for a photo booth backdrop that complements or works well with those colors. From aqua blue to pale pink rose, adding backdrops that match your event colors is an easy way to personalize your booth space.

  • Choose the right shop

Shop from a reputable store, one that offers a range of options so you won’t feel limited with your buying options. Don’t forget to look for free shipping offers to save on costs.

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