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Often people assume that only if they have a significant estate they would benefit from consulting with an estate planning attorney. In fact, most people that have a home, some level of investment or retirement savings, and some personal assets should consider working with an estate planning attorney in Renton, WA.

Why Use An Estate Planning Attorney?

Using a top estate planning attorney in Renton, WA can help you to limit the tax liability for your estate as well as to plan for wealth transfer that will have the minimum financial cost to your heirs. This can include providing non-taxable gifts that will protect the person receiving the money from having to pay taxes on what is essentially a gift rather than an inheritance.

There are many different options to consider to protect your estate and leave as much to your beneficiaries as possible. These can include setting up trust funds of many different types, each suited specifically to different situations and needs. Understanding all of your options and getting sound legal advice is the main role of an estate planning attorney in Renton, WA.

Where to Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Renton, WA

One of the best possible options in finding an estate planning attorney in Renton, WA is to ask for referrals from friends, relatives and coworkers. A positive experience for those people is a good indication as to what you can anticipate. Your financial planner, other attorneys, and even your banking professional may also be options to consider asking. However, looking around online and then following up with a personal meeting is also a great option.

The probate court in your area as well as your local Bar Association are both excellent referral sources as well. The more people that you talk to about the best choice for an estate planning attorney in Renton, WA the more complete the picture is that you will have.

Meet with at least three different people and then choose the best estate planning attorney in Renton, WA for your specific needs. By meeting with at least three lawyers you will have a good source of comparative information and will also understand what options each professional is recommending and why.