Common Myths About A Medical Marijuana Card Apr22


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Common Myths About A Medical Marijuana Card

Unfortunately, what patients do not know about their medical marijuana card can result in problems. Many forums and blogs provide inaccurate information to patients in and around Palm Coast, FL, which can create potential legal issues and employment concerns.

To help avoid these issues, always check with a reputable website, including the Florida government website, for the latest information and laws you need to know.

Myth: You can take medical marijuana out of state if you have a medical card

Crossing any state border with medical marijuana, even if you have a medical marijuana card, is potentially a federal drug offense. The issue is that federal law still regards the use and possession of cannabis as illegal, and it does not separate medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Myth: You must notify your employer if you have a medical marijuana card

This is not always a myth, but it is also not always true. In general, if an individual has a job that specifically prohibits the use or presence of THC or mandates telling the employer, he or she can be fired as per the company policy if they fail to disclose. Be sure to understand your employer’s policies and drug testing mandates and state laws.

Myth: You can smoke medical marijuana in public with a medical card

Patients can use medical marijuana in their home or a private residence in Palm Coast, FL, but they cannot smoke medical marijuana in public places. MMJ patients can use other forms of medical cannabis in public, such as tinctures, oils, or edibles.