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Do Research Before Choosing a Wooden Swing Set in New Jersey

If you are sure that a wooden swing set is the right option for your family, you must do your due diligence before selecting the model you will purchase. Here are a few tips to help you start your research on wooden swing sets in New Jersey.

Before choosing a playground set, you must evaluate your property. The goal is to find a swing set that your property can safely accommodate. There will need to be at least six feet of open space around the whole playset to meet zoning requirements and keep your children safe. You also need to consider the surface under the swing set. Rubber mulch is usually the way to go since it lasts a lifetime, does not attract insects, and has great drainage.

Think about the size of the wooden swing sets in New Jersey that would be appropriate for your children. A standard swing set has a slide, three swings, and a clubhouse. This can usually accommodate two to four children. If you need to accommodate more children, consider adding accessories. For example, you can add monkey bars, a slide, or an extra clubhouse.

You want to be sure that you purchase a swing set that is durable and will not require a lot of future maintenance. Don’t buy one with a lot of exposed hardware. This can be potentially dangerous for children.

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