How Seed Treatment Can Benefit Your Crop Production in Vernon County, WI Nov22


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How Seed Treatment Can Benefit Your Crop Production in Vernon County, WI

You bought quality seeds and prepared the soil, but there’s one more step before you can put those seeds in the ground. Seed treatment is essential for a good harvest, and most growers today consider it standard practice. Here are three ways seed treatment in Vernon County, WI, can increase the yield and hardiness of your plants for a bumper crop.

Reduce Rot and Blight

Even the best seeds can fail if they rot before they can germinate. Treating your seeds with a protective coating shields them from the elements and gives them the best chance of growing into healthy, robust plants.

Deter Pests

Bugs, rodents, birds and other unwanted critters are a common nuisance that can take a major bite out of your crop production. If pests are a common problem on your farm, consider using a pesticide seed treatment in Vernon County WI.

Prevent Disease

You might think that disease is only a concern for seedlings and adult plants, but seeds can get sick too. Seeds that get hit with a disease or fungus usually fail to germinate, so protect your seeds and your profits with a treatment that seals out common plant diseases.

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