What To Consider In A Drinking Water Cooler Nov11


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What To Consider In A Drinking Water Cooler

Most businesses throughout the Spartanburg, SC, area offer a drinking water cooler in their staff or break room as well as perhaps for customers. Most of these types of water coolers are the ones that require those huge, heavy, and hard to store plastic bottles.

There is an alternative to consider that offers much more than just cool drinking water. These models connect directly to the water line and have an onboard water filtration system. Some models even offer a reverse osmosis system that removes all impurities from the water, leaving nothing but clean, fresh, cool drinking water.

Ice and Hot Water

Spartanburg, SC, businesses can also choose a drinking water cooler that doubles as a hot water dispenser. There are a few machines and systems on the market that provide three different water temperatures, including hot, room temperature, and cold.

These systems can also produce small, perfectly formed ice cubes. This is the ideal option for any break or staff room cooler, providing a continuous output of water and ice.

Safety Features

With the recent issues with COVID-19, businesses have become focused on providing safe and “touch free” devices and options for staff and customers. The demand for touchless Drinking Water Cooler In Spartanburg, SC models has dramatically increased.

These systems operate with a simple wave of the hand over the sensor. This not only eliminates the need to touch the surface but also makes it easy for everyone to access cold, purified water.