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Locally Hand-Crafted CBD Topicals Improve Quality of Life in Portland

While many people in Portland have tried CBD tinctures and oils, they haven’t yet tried CBD topicals. The best CBD topicals in Portland run the gamut from luxurious soaps and bath bombs, rich CBD lotions, and even roll-ons.

The fact is, the pain-relieving benefits of CBD are absorbed through the skin and directly into the muscles and joints. Not only that, CBD oils nourish the skin with rich antioxidants. This makes CBD topicals perfect for the active and holistic Portland lifestyle.

Rubbing in a CBD muscle cream can give an avid athlete quick, targeted relief. But, relaxing in a warm bath infused with a fragrant CBD bath bomb soothes both body and soul. CBD topicals care for the whole person.

While much of the focus of CBD topicals have been on pain relief, there are beauty benefits too. A quality CBD facial oil can help to soothe inflammation, acne, smooth wrinkles, and reduce puffiness around the eyes. The rich, nourishing antioxidants in CBD also leave your skin looking fresh, youthful, and radiant.

As you can see, the best CBD topicals for Portland residents not only relieve and relax aching muscles and joints but also nourish the skin.

Shop the best CBD topicals in Portland, or anywhere, in fact, are made right here, in Portland. These products are also made from locally sourced, Oregon-grown hemp. When you buy local, you also support local, minority, and women-owned businesses. If you haven’t tried locally, hand-crafted CBD topicals yet, it is time that you did.