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How to Choose Roofing Supplies

The life and durability of your roofing depends on the materials you use during installation and for subsequent repairs. When choosing materials for your roof, the property owner should take into consideration various aspects such as the durability and affordability. The ease of installation and fire retardant properties are also factors you should consider when buying roofing supplies.

Roofing supplies can be selected depending on whether the roof is a flat roof or a pitched roof. Flat roofs are more prevalent in commercial buildings and their needs are different from the pitched roofs. Pour and roll systems have been slowly replaced by torch on felts. Speciality tiles like timber decking tiles and promenade tiles are also used for decking in flat roofs.

There is wide variety in the roofing supplies that can be used in the construction of pitched roofs. Concrete tiles, clay tiles, pantile, slate and shingles have been used in their construction. Each material has its pros and cons. Some are more expensive, but durable like concrete and steel. Slate is a material that is preferred in many upscale homes. Slate can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The natural look of slate is one of its premier attractions. Usually slate is long-lasting, offers a high level of fire protection, needs minimal maintenance and is resistant to insects and rot. On the downside, slate is heavy and brittle. The slate can break during painting jobs or roof cleaning.

Materials like asphaltic bitumen or tar are necessary for waterproofing. Bitumen is used in flat roofs for sealing the roof from water. Shingled roofs are impregnated with asphalt to make them highly water resistant. Granules that top the surface of the shingles are able to reduce the extent of damage from UV light. Granules also offer a texture to the shingles. The roof deck that can be made of plywood is nailed to the rafters. A layer of felt under the shingles of a pitched roof intercepts any moisture or rainwater that can percolate through damaged or displaced shingles onto the deck.

Asphalt shingles are cheaper and can be easily installed. Higher end materials include clay tile, wooden shakes, cedar shingles and steel panels. Clay tiles are expensive and heavy and hence difficult to transport. They must be installed by professionals. Cedar and wooden shingles are popular roofing; shakes are thicker and more rustic in appearance while shingles are slimmer. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. When you are installing a new roof or are conducting repairs make certain to purchase high grade roofing supplies. Bracknell residents can find good quality materials at local dealers.

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