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Divorce Attorneys in Hartford, WI, Help Negotiate the Delicate Issue

Divorce is a major event in many people’s lives. It’s the end of what was supposed to be decades spent together, and a marriage is not necessarily an easy thing to unwind. There are assets bought jointly that have to be divided, sometimes child custody issues to be sorted and any other related issues requiring a solution or settlement of some kind. Sometimes, both parties try to go through this with just one attorney in order to save money. Yet, having two Divorce Attorneys Hartford WI, one for each party, makes a lot more sense. It’s best to have two separate attorneys so that there is no way a conflict of interest can arise for the lawyer.

The act of divorce can be a contentious one with emotions running high. This atmosphere can make it difficult to bring things to a close, and is the main reason why both parties need their own attorney. One lawyer can not easily handle both parties when there is an issue that neither can agree upon. The ultimate goal of a divorce is to get a judge to sign off on the agreement of how everything is settled. Divorce Attorneys Hartford, WI will guide the client to this point, and it can take a lot of time before both parties can agree on everything that has been laid out.

Even when a divorce is of the amicable kind, there are still going to be issues that have to be worked out. Division of property has to be done in an equitable manner, any child custody concerns need to be addressed and any other remaining issues such as retirement accounts have to be seen to. All of this is a lot of work for those who are not versed in divorce laws, and can potentially make the issue worse before it can get better.

The first step to take when deciding to divorce is to contact a lawyer and set up a consultation. During the meeting, the lawyer can explain how divorce progresses, what to expect, how the state laws affect getting a divorce and more. It’s also an opportunity to interview the lawyer to get a feel for how they work and determining if there is a good fit of personalities.

Experienced divorce attorneys at Hetzel & Nelson LLC will fight for you for the best settlement in your interest in Hartford, WI. Click here for more details.