Characteristics of Good Roofing Material Jul08


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Characteristics of Good Roofing Material

A property owner would often seek that kind of roofing that requires minimal maintenance, is easy in install, is affordable and long lasting. Modern materials are very durable and can last up to 50 years according to manufacturer’s guarantees. Proper choice of a roofing material will ensure your roof lasts long and does not need to be replaced too soon. Replacement is an expensive venture and getting rid of the discarded roofing material is tricky as more and more restrictions are placed on what we can dispose of in landfills.

When you choose certain materials you are being more environmentally responsible and setting lower demands on natural resources. Among the common materials that are catching on because of their environmental benefits is steel. Metal roofs were once widespread. Modern steel roofs are recyclable, durable and practically maintenance free. Steel is a natural fire-retardant. As it is a good reflector of the sun’s heat and does not allow it to transfer to the home living space it is an insulator and helps you save on energy. Steel is an energy efficient roofing material. Asphalt is preferred for flat roofs in commercial buildings. This roof material is cheaper and effective for commercial use.

Concrete is now increasingly used for making roof tiles. This hardy and versatile material can be fashioned into a variety of looks that resemble shingles, wood shakes and light weight tiles. Concrete roofing material is reinforced with fibre or coated with enamel, plastic or metal. Initial cost for concrete is high but it is extremely long lasting. New technology has made it possible for concrete tiles to be available in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Composite tiles are available in a range of colours, types and brands and are a good choice for affordability. The better quality composites are durable and environmentally friendly materials that are easy to install.

Wooden shakes were once very common and are still prized for their characteristic look. Wood has good insulating ability and can help reduce energy bills. On the other hand wood is not a good fire retardant and requires regular maintenance. Wooden shakes are susceptible to insect attack, mould and rot. Installation needs expert handling by experienced contractors.

Clay tiles are a preferred material in many Mediterranean homes or those with Italian or Spanish Mission design. Tile provides durable but costly roofing. Berkshire home owners can find local contractors with the knowledge and skill to install, repair and clean all types of roofing.

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