Four Benefits of Completing a Basic Life Support Class in Minneapolis Jun05


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Four Benefits of Completing a Basic Life Support Class in Minneapolis

Completing a basic life support class in Minneapolis is a fun way to learn how to save a person’s life. The training is both beneficial and can be a requirement for certain job types such as police officers, athletic trainers, and therapy assistants, etc. CPR provides the ability to perform resuscitation using chest compressions to maintain brain function until additional medical action can be taken.

Below are for benefits of completing a basic life support class in Minneapolis:

Receive an American Heart Association Completion Card

The course is completed in two parts, including two hours of online instruction and one in-person session with an American Heart Association BLS trainer. After training, students will receive an official American Heart Association basic life support online completion card.

Can Be Completed in Your Facility

It is convenient to take the course in a private setting. Instructors can come to your facility and conduct training on-site. There is no need for additional travel, and everyone can complete the training in a group setting.

Beneficial for Health Care Providers

CPR training gives you the knowledge to prevent brain death. It can significantly improve the survival rates of patients suffering from cardiac arrest.

Teaches How to Perform CPR in Different Settings

The training is useful for those in a pre-hospital setting and in-facility locations. It includes information on using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), how to respond to choking, and how to work together as a team when performing CPR.

Once the class is complete, enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have the proper training to improve a person’s survival chances. CPR saves lives and you never know when your training can give someone a second chance at life.